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Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Day with Kenny, and Another Massive Card Haul

Kenny and I made arrangements to meet up Sunday afternoon for pizza as he had plans to make a card purchase here in Tokyo.

Meeting in Shibuya at Sbarro, I got there a bit late because I was trying to find those last two cards he needs for his CardGen set. No luck there, but as I sat down and said hello he presented me with a giant bag filled with cards.

Needless to say I was in shock. He had mentioned that he was going to give me the rest of his A&G duplicates at some point, and he had found a card I needed but forgot to pick up in Nagoya. But there were nine wax boxes full of cards arranged in that giant shopping bag!

Kenny's headed back for New York in a couple months and I am his extras dumping ground, it seems. Not that I'm upset! Before you get too excited, I'll warn you that the "good" stuff is missing, though there are some nice inserts in there. I've started sorting, but I'll be working through them for a while! When it's all said and done i should have some good trade bait for set builders; there's plenty of A&G, Heritage, flagship, and Bowman for team collectors too.

I'll get to posting it soon, but I'm behind on posting as last week was really busy. I still have my Korean finds and US trade packages to report on. So until then...

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