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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Look Back at 2012

Sure. I'm a little late. But I was on vacation - the blog's been on autopilot for the last week! Let's look back at my goals and accomplishments for 2012.
My first goal was to reach 25% completion on the Japanese type collection. I'm currently over 35%, with over 75% of all Calbee issues! In fact, that Calbee number is much higher when you factor in the fact that many of the cards I need are just variations/series from a couple 1970s issues. I've also "discovered" a bunch if cards not catalogued yet - team issues and game cards, plus a few oldies! BBM has been helped along by Jason and NPB Card Guy but I'm on my own with the oddballs. PASS
Goal two was to have complete sets for flagship, GQ, A&G, and Archives. I passed on Archives because I'm not impressed enough with it (maybe if I had some in my hands?$. I have flagship and GQ sets already. Anyone have an extra Updates or A&G base set sitting around? SEMIPASS
While I've put a lot of effort into my Japanese type collection, my third goal has bed fairly tough. I wanted to keep the MLB tpe collection at 25%, and I fell pretty short. There are some cards from trades that aren't catalogued yet, but I'm about 1000 cards short as it is. I added a bunch of missed 2011 sets, and I'm only around 15% so far with 2012. But I need a lot of base cards and simple inserts, so trade me those extras! FAIL
My fourth goal was to keep trading. I've managed to complete a few trades - maybe about a dozen total. Figuring that I only really have Japanese cards right now I would say I did pretty well. PASS
Finally, I aspired to keep up the quality here and on my other two blogs. It took me a long time to get into posting mode, since I had never wrote and worked at the same time. I've mentioned before that many of my good posts take an hour or more to write with research and such involved. I've finally gotten back into full-on posting mode (I hope I can keep it up) but I think my posts can be better. I just didn't have the response this year that I did last year when I had more thought in my posts. On the other hand, people are still reading my blog. So thank you! Unfortunately, with huge posting gaps and many of my posts being just show-and-tell I'm going to give this one a FAIL. But maybe more of a D+.
Well, one year is over and another one is beginning. I'm coming up on my second year anniversary of this blog. And I'm beginning my second year of life in Japan. I hope I can bring my energy back to writing even better posts this time around.!

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