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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Check Out My Check Out My Cards Cards

We've finally reached the end. Over the past few days I've shown you over four dozen cards that I greedily snatched from the depths of the COMC card dungeon. And with this post, I hope I'm done spending most of my post-writing time telling you to check out my cards. No, I'm not not buying cards anymore. No, I'm not ending the blog. Instead, I have hopefully caught up on all my prior purchases and back-log of scans and can devote my efforts to really informing you about the joys of cards here in Japan. And MLB cards too. You know, like I did last year. I miss that - fun posts with something to learn in them. Show and Tell is fun every one in a while, but I need to get back to my writing roots, as they say. Whoever they are. Am I rambling? Okay, on to the cards.
 In scanned form, this might look like just another Topps 1952-style card. And you're basically right, it is. But this card is also in 1952's size. The back highlights Jackie's minor league season, which happened in 1946. This particular card was a VIP premium at this year's National show.
 Another awesome card is seen above. And yes, it's another die-cut card. Topps really went all-in with die-cut cards on Chrome stock this year. These were available through the Golden Giveaway promotion, of which I took no part in. But I have a card now!

The next three cards may be manupatches, but I really enjoy them. Let's see...
This name stitching manupatch is okay. Actually, it's pretty plain, but if I had a Tony Gwynn or Nolan Ryan card it would really be a nice addition to my PC.
 Likewise on the retired number patch. I have a retired number collection, and this set would be a great way to fill it out. But given the cost, I might just try to find Ryan and Gwynn. Or not.
Now, the really truly totally awesome card from my package is seen above. Move over manu-patches, manu-rings and manu-plaques are the new manu-hits! I was quite excited when I heard about Topps trying new manu-relics other than patches, and this card doesn't disappoint. The design is solid, there's plenty of space for the photo, and the relic itself looks fantastic. And I've heard the Hall of Fame plaques look even better! I hope so...

Well that's it for my COMC Black Friday haul. In another day, I should be back from South Korea (these posts have been written ahead of time). Then the hard-hitting baseball card journalism will return!

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