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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Release: 2017 BBM Tigers: Heat

Okay, I'm back from vacation! Let's get back to the new release posts that I'm still quite behind on.

Tigers Heat is a premium box set in a series; the design is the same as the other Heat cards with team color changes making up the only real differences.

Each box includes one full set, an insert card, and two autographs. Retail price is 12,000 yen, and the set was released at the end of June.
The base set is 27 cards. The flames and Heat logo/design at the center is done in foil.
 There are nine inserts total, called Golden Tiger.
 Regular autographed cards appear for what seems to be the entire Tigers roster, not just the 27 regular card subjects. These are horizontally-oriented. Print runs range from 10 to 60 copies each.
Special autographed cards for 25 players also were issued with a print run of 10 cards each.

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