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Monday, August 7, 2017

New Release: 2017 BBM Dragons

Next up in the team set parade is BBM's set for the Dragons. This set was released in mid-July, so it's not that old.
Cards 1-69 are regular cards for all of the team's players, with card #70 featuring the team's mascots.
The four card New Face subset features players who recently joined the team from other teams or leagues.
Finally, Lord of Dragons is a seven-card set with some of the team's best players. The backs have stats for the beginning of the 2017 season.

Like the BayStars set I posted about yesterday, the Dragons set has several small insert sets.
Achievements (3 cards) has a nice graphical back with players who have reached milestones in their career.
The three-card Hot Blood set looks red.
No Mercy is a four-card insert set with a popup ad below the set title. At least, that's how I describe the box with the player's information on the front.
Top Prospects has four rookies or younger players.
The team's four strongest hitters are in the Smash insert set.

Gold parallels of the above insert sets are #/90, Holo #/60, and Gold Holo #/30.

The Phantom (#/25) insert set has 12 Dragons players.

Autograph cards are numbered to 60 or less for all of the players; there is one player combo card #/3 and the #/60 mascot dual-autograph card. Nine Silver autograph cards are #/10 with a Gold 1/1 parallel. Rookie Autographs (#/10) round out the offerings with six cards.


  1. So two BBM Dragons set an a confusing EPOCH set where the autographs are had through an online point/redemption system. Just great.

    1. I believe that's about right. The Epoch sets have become a little less confusing as they are starting to release full checklists of the variations. But yep, that's about right.

      It could be worse, though. You could be a Carp fan.