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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Little Bit of Fun

As usual, I've been busy. But I have a cool treat for you right now.

Japanese baseball is in full swing, and with it, there are player interviews. Lots more than the US, it seems. After every game there are big on-field presentations for the players of the game. Every game. You'd think they didn't do this 150 or so times a year.

But for a pre-game interview, sometimes the ballplayer is talking to a cute girl. Namely, a very famous voice actor here.

In the clip below, Kai Takuya of the Softbank Hawks is being interviewed. As the camera pans out to show the interviewer, we see that it is Maaya Uchida, who nobody outside of Japan probably knows.
This is a picture of Maaya, just after cleaning my apartment. No, not really. Anyway, between voicing anime and video games, acting in a version of the Power Rangers, and singing, she pops up on TV now and then. So here she is doing an interview with Kai.

By the way, pay attention not to Maaya or Kai, but the background. The best part is at 14 seconds in, but the whole 25-second long video is worth watching.
Shuhei Fukuda is the player in the background. Good thing she wasn't on the field during the game!


  1. Hey Mr. Fukuda... don't be embarrassed... I would have done the exact same thing.