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Sunday, August 6, 2017

New Release: 2017 BBM BayStars

One of the most popular team sets issued every year is the for the BayStars. This year's set is exactly the same as the others in terms of composition. Let's have a look.
The 81-card base set starts with 69 regular cards including the mascot card.
The first subset is a three-card puzzle for Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh. The front puzzle shows Tsutsugoh's swing.
The three-card Yokohama Pride subset is next.
Three cards commemorate the team's 2014-2016 First Draft Pick choices.
Finally, two players are in the Vital to V subset. Card #81 is a checklist.

Moving on to the inserts, the BayStars have several different three-card insert sets.
Great Fielding has great fielders.
Great Batting has great batters.
Great Pitching has great pitchers.
Promising Future has younger players with a promising future.
Elite Reliever features the team's elite relievers.
Finally, New Foreign Expert highlights the team's three new foreign experts.

At least the inserts have some sort of focus to their names. All of the above insert sets have three parallels: Gold #/90, Holo #/75, and Gold Holo #/50.

Phantom is a 12-card insert set limited to 25 copies each, as found in all of this year's team sets.

All players have autographed cards, numbered up to 60 copies each. The mascot combo autographed card is also serial numbered to 60 copies. Silver autographs (nine cards) are numbered to 5 of 10; there are two Silver Combo autograph cards numbered to 5 as well. The silver autographs have a gold parallel #1/1. Finally, nine Rookie Autograph cards are serial numbered to 10 copies each.

BBM also announced a promo set #PR01-PR11, with cards 10 and 11 being insert parallels.

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