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Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Topps MLB Chipz: Just a Pack

While posting about the gigantic awesome package Kenny sent my way, I mentioned that I really liked Chipz. While I won't be busting boxes (yet), I did grab a pack for myself from Target.
"Look! Colors! And really popular players! Buy me!"
 One of these is in every pack. I don't know how to play, though...
 Ah, instructions. I see. But will I be playing? Nope..
Justin Verlander is a good start. he's one of the players I collect and after starting the season on the DL it looks like he's doing okay. Too bad the Tigers are having a horrible year.
 A green chip with the scary mascot Mr. Met! Sweet!
And Greinke is a magnet, I believe. You may notice that there are only three Chipz here. Well, I don't know what happened to the picture of the fourth, and they're all in the US so I won't be looking for it.

I totally would bust a box of these - or more. They're certainly oddball enough for me to want a set!

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