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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Release: 2015 BBM Chunichi Dragons

 Released in May, the Dragons team set is exactly what you'd expect from a BBM team set this year. The design is minimal, and I like the borderless fronts; backs are the same layout as always. The full set is 81 cards - the standard for this year's team sets. There are several small subsets for the Dragons set:
 There's a single card honoring this essentially unimportant statistic. The back of the card shows his career stats (yay!) including his win percentage (he went 12-5, for a .722 winning percentage).
That's followed by a six card puzzle using nine images for each of two players. Again, pretty standard for BBM.
 Then, combo cards round out the last three cards in the base set.
 As usual for this year's team sets, there are multiple pointless insert sets using foilboard. Rising Dragons is the first, seemingly more common set. Nine cards with a #/100 parallel version.
The seemingly more-limited insert is Dynamic Dragons. This too is a nine card set, but parallels seem to exist in 150 and 50 serial numbered versions.
 As always, autographs drive the product, and the usual "base" autographs are serial numbered to 60 copies each or less; BBM claims 57 subjects signed cards and there are a total of 3243 signed cards in this set.

Cross Sign returns as well, the cross-brand autographed version of the cross-brand insert set, with three cards numbered out of 30 each.

There are also three Combo Signature cards, with five copies each. Two players are on each card.
Additionally, BBM inserted nine different "Kira" signature cards; there are 15 silver cards (seen above) for each player, and one 1 of 1 gold card per player.

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