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Friday, September 11, 2015

New Release: 2015 BBM Dancing Heroine "Hana"

I'm behind in my new release set posts, because this cheerleader set came out in late June.
 The Dancing Heroine set hasn't changed much since its inception a few years ago. There are two sets per year, with two images on the front and one on the back. The photo quality seems to get a little better over time - both the poses and the images themselves. Not that there's much you can do standing in front of a camera. There is plenty of information on the back so you can learn all about your favorite girl.
Base sets have 98 cards, with 10 teams represented. Not all teams have equal card numbers. All cards also come in a sparkly-foil parallel version which seems to be a bit more limited this year than in the past, though it isn't serial-numbered.
Five teams had at least a few members sign cards, with 50 total subjects in the autograph set. Print runs are 60 cards per player, except one player with 59. I guess one sticker was damaged.


  1. Are they cheerleaders for NPB teams?

    1. They are all affiliated with NPB teams. There is a breakdown of the checklist here:

    2. Yeah, as Raz says, all the cheer teams are part of NPB teams. For some reason, though, not all NPB teams have their cheerleaders here; the Tigers Girls have their debut in this set.

      As usual these days, BBM issued two full sets like this and there's a box set that's either just released or coming out in the next week or so.

    3. Very cool. If my A's won't pay big $$$ for players... they need to recruit some of these ladies to entertain us ;)

    4. I've noticed a growing number of MLB teams employing cheer girls, but not quite like the NPB. Living in Atlanta for so long, I definitely saw a lot of the Braves' girls. They would participate in between-inning events, shoot T-shirts into the crowd from the warning track, and they did some dancing in the plaza before the game too. But they wore shorts and women's jerseys, not special costumes. I'm not sure if they're still there, but I'm guessing they are.