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Monday, September 7, 2015

Packing It In: 2015 Topps Opening Day Jumbo

Don't get me wrong. I like a lot of higher-priced stuff out there. Opening a box of Ginter would be a blast, I enjoyed my recent boxes of Americana, and if someone gave me some Triple Threads packs I wouldn't turn them down.

But let's face it, my cardboard budget calls for singles, not gambles. So I don't buy a lot of packs. I can't stay completely away from busting, and the cheaper stuff can end up being even more fun than the high-end shiny.
 I always spend a 10-spot or so on Opening Day. I can usually find packs here in Japan, and when I went back to the US I grabbed a jumbo hanging pack from Target.
 Time wasn't on my side, and all those base cards ended up in one photo. Other than the logo, they seem the same as flagship Topps.
 I like the "fan" element in Opening Day. There may not be game pictures in the Stadium Scenes set, but I really appreciate Topps getting a unique insert set into their product. I really hope this continues.
 I got one of the shiny parallels. That's all there is to say about this. Rainbow foil is kind of pretty but really foilboard doesn't float my boat.
Where the flagship inserts are seemingly pointless, Opening Day has some good topical sets worth looking at, like this one here.

As the season is drawing to a close, I think I'm about done with Opening Day until next year. But I know I can look forward to another season of cheap fun!

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