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Monday, August 17, 2015

Led Zippy Zappy-len?

Oh, all the horrible puns I could do with Zippy Zappy's name. And then I could always make a wizard's wand reference that somehow relates to this:
But anyway, time to get back into the Trading scan folder. If you don't know by now, where are you?
 Yep. I was officially Zippy Zapped this summer! I've met Kenny on numerous occasions, and he's always been beyond generous with me. I wish I had the funds to return the favor... Oh, to be young and debt-free again.

This was my first through-the-mail, official Zapping. What was in the package of goodies?
 There was an opened pack of MLB Chipz, with some cool little ... um, Chipz. I really like this concept and again, if I had the funds, I would probably be chasing a full set of these. I wish I could show them to you but they don't really fit in my little sheet-fed photo scanner. I have a hard enough time with normal-thickness cards! There were some of the inserts or parallels (I'm not really sure how it works) in there so I was pretty happy seeing these first!
 Kenny knows about my type collection and is a big help with retail inserts and parallels out of all those boxes he busts.
 Topps retail inserts! Toys R Us singles are tough to come by at decent prices. I like the player-based exclusive inserts Topps did this year but not enough to chase them all.
 Purple and red? What is this insanity? Oh, right, 2014 retail parallels.
 I believe these Bowmans were special... like Asia parallels or something. Really, living in Japan, you think I'd know more about them.

 Bruce Sutter? Odd vintage cards must mean my Awards collection!
 If you wantski good priceski, come in and see Kominsky!
 From what I've seen on everyone's blogs, Kenny loves to hand out the autographs and other hits in his packages. I won't turn it away!
Last, and the opposite of least, this bat relic is for my player collection! One of my goals this year is to finish most of my player collections - there are only four that should remain unfinished by Christmas.

This package from Kenny was super-cool! It's funny, but the Chipz might have been the most fun to see. Thanks, Dude!

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  1. Glad you could use some of the cards for your various collections. I'll keep an eye out for more parallels you might be able to use. :).