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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Diamond King of Wishful Thinking

Where have I been for the past six weeks?

Really, it's been six weeks since I last posted. So, what have I been up to?

Well, the first two weeks of my unintended "TCIC Vacation" were spent in Taiwan. I posted a bit on that trip as it was happening on my other blog (why aren't you following that too, by the way?). I found some Taiwanese (CPBL) baseball cards, and I hope to bring those to you soon. But first I have to catch up on something I meant to do two months ago!

And for the past month, I've just been busy and exhausted. I've had more classes at work, it's been really hot, and I somehow have just been too involved to do much sightseeing on the weekends. I have started a few projects around my apartment, too. The biggest involves sorting all my media files, including tagging the more than 100,000 photos I've taken over the years. I just finished my Japan photos, and I'm moving on to California.

But somewhere around two months ago, I received a package from the States with all my trades, and I'm finally getting to the second package.

This awesome group of cards comes from Kevin, AKA The Diamond King
 This little Nolan Ryan comes from the 1993 Red Foley set. If the label at the top didn't help you enough. Because these stickers came from an album and were complete sets, they don't show up as singles often (especially for a junk wax-era release), so this card is the highlight of the package. But everything else was wonderful too!
 How about we step into the Wonderful World of Disney Wally Joyner?
 Yes. The Wonderful World of Wally Joyner. I'm surprised I don't see hidden Mickey ears on the front of the card. Maybe the logo on his helmet could be considered a stylized hidden Mickey?
 And from one of the sets that pissed off most collectors...
 The Leaf Sportscasters multi-parallel release.
 Matt sent a nice handful of these. I'm trying to put together a type collection for this set. Though this type collection is just part of my main type collection.
Hey, there's Pujols! These cards are all super-low serial numbered, but because there are somewhere around 70 different parallels, most people ignore them.

But I love them!

And it's good to be back writing about baseball cards. I'll try not to be such a stranger!

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