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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jaybarkerfan's Junk First Trade Bait Draft Results, Only Months Later

My, how time flies!

I really don't know when Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk actually held this particular draft, but I know it was months ago. The cards arrived in San Francisco, waited a few months before being shipped to Japan, and sat in my draft scan folder until now.

Since then, another two drafts has been completed in its entirety (I missed participating in #2) and another one is just beginning. Sign up!

So what did I get that first time? I grabbed a whole bunch of stuff, but here are some highlights. It's amazing how well I can do with my want lists given a detailed-enough list of available cards and a couple hours.
 O-Dog! I played baseball with him before spring training one year. One of my favorite baseball moments.
 Smile, Ted. You're pictured on a different team from the cap you're wearing.
 These are some of the most beautiful cards ever produced.
 These are some of the tackiest cards ever produced. Because they're stickers. HA! I made a joke!
 I'm not in a cult. I somehow needed this Allen & Ginter code card thing for my type collection. It's like four bloodshot eyeballs attached to a chopstick. Or an infinite-loop race course. "Look, they're making another left turn!"
 First rule about Stadium Club: You do not talk about Stadium Club.
 It's like the Olympics, but with baseball. (Ooh, another joke!)
 Special shortstop? Did he play on the differently-abled team? Could Topps not come up with a better word there?
 These gold are better than golds of the past. But I still won't put together a set.
 That's a pretty blue color, especially on a Mets card. But it's just another parallel.
 Wrong team.
Wrong team!
 Really. Wrong team!
 Wrong language too!
 No, no, no, you're doing it all wrong!

I picked up these Ichiros as trade bait. I wonder if I'll have any luck. I haven't tried yet. (Kenny, we need to meet up again and you can be my translator for trading!)
 Mullet and a mustache. RednEck. But he was one of my first favorite pitchers.
 I have a lot of Hall of Famers in this stack, don't I?
 I like those old-school Brewers jerseys on Molitor. But only for the time it took me to write that sentence. I don't care anymore.
 Die-cut awesomeness is awesomely awesome. Enough said.
 He's so young!
 He's so unlicensed!
 Hey, I've been to that stadium! Yes, that's all I can think to say about Jerry Royster.
 I grabbed some vintage to work towards future set-building plans.
 It's like the team name is coming at me! Duck, Hunt! (Get it? Get it? Huh? Huh?!)
 I would love to have one of those giant Expos logo patches like Perez has on the front of his jersey.
 He won some awards.
 I've never liked Pittsburgh's colors.
 So young (?)...
 Another manager, but before he managed.
 Oh, right. I got some hits too. I don't know why this is the only one I uploaded. Is it because I couldn't run them through my photo scanner? Probably. I got some other nice cards too though! Triple jersey relic, a Bob Gibson Tier 1 low-numbered card, and more!
 I had to finish with something goofy. So, this is it.
It's from a Crown Royal deck of playing cards. I'm happy with my last pick!

So, at this rate, I'll have my results from Draft #3 posted sometime around March... I hope not.

Thanks for the fun draft, Wes! I'm looking forward to the next one!


  1. Lol, if you're in Aichi I know a shop or two that might offer you a nice price for those Ichiro cards.

  2. Kenny: Thanks. I'd like to know - I'm going to Nagoya next month for a three-day weekend! I know about BITS and the two Mints in Nagoya, but are there others?

  3. One of these days I'll have to get involved with JayBarkerFan's trades and contests. We probably live 10 miles apart, I could save him some postage by just winning some of his contests!