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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Dimwit Draft Day

As I continue my exploration of US cards in my draft folder, the next bunch comes from Sam over at The Daily Dimwit. He provided 10 hits and 10 inserts, plus a complete Home Run Legends set, for each participant. Certainly a big draft for me!

Because I can't scan all the thick relics in my photo scanner, some cards aren't shown below. And you won't see anything totally awesome, as I passed up some bigger-draw cards for ones that fit better in my collection.
 So you see relics like this, with a nice stitching fuzz line showing at the bottom.
 And the man it seems everybody loves to hate.
 And one of the least-productive fan favorites of his day.
 And Alomar, way past his prime.
 But if you notice something, all the names are, well, names. No nobodies here!
 In fact, this Barry Bonds doesn't come cheap in San Francisco.
 Hey, another Pat Burrell.
 Since coming to Japan, I've tried picking up Ichiro cards to use as trade bait. I still haven't actually tried trading yet.
 Here's another Ichiro. I'm liking the 3D card more, despite its unscanability.
 Roberto Clemente is a tough find, and I love the Masterpieces cards. Topps should learn from what Upper Deck did right and release another annual true, beautiful, painted set like Masterpieces. Remember Topps Gallery? I guess Gypsy Queen is kind of like Gallery, but I don't want a throwback painted set.
 I'm glad Sandy Koufax is in the Topps lineup, because I might finally, eventually be able to afford an autograph of his. Or at least find enough inexpensive regular cards for one of my collections.
 I see gold people.
 Why did I pick these up? I don't remember. But I did!
 Mini Me! Er, Mini Maddux! I've begun appreciating the 1987 design a bit more over the past few years, so it was nice to see it back in mini form. I'm not putting together a set, mind you. I'm not crazy.
 Surf's up, dudes!
 These cards don't scan well for me due to their black borders.
 They look pretty nice though I don't care for the busy background.
 What would I put in its place? Probably the same thing but with a handwritten font. I guess.
 I'm not trying to really redesign the cards, you know. Just a small change.
Remember, I got a full set of these with the draft. I kind of like the blue better. I gave all the Yankees to Kenny.

So while this draft happened months ago, I still want to say thanks to Sam for holding it! I added some nice cards to my collection at a good deal!

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