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Friday, September 28, 2012

Number 5 by Type, Number 1 in Awesomeness

Matthew at Number 5 Type Collection is a great guy. And it's not just because he is the only other blogger I know about who does a type collection.

He offered a great clearance of all his extras several months ago, though I'm just now getting to it. Always looking for interesting cards for my collection, especially with oddballs, I grabbed two teams I hoped I would enjoy.

All/most claimants would get a portion of any team they asked for, based on ranking. The Marlins were ranked low on my list, but I still ended up with a nice collection!
Despite not really caring much for the team as it exists now, the Marlins (and Rockies) are the first two expansion teams since my involvement in the game, and their first game made me a fan of Charlie Hough. Seeing some 70-something-year-old guy use a walker out to the mound to toss up some knucklers was kind of awesome. Scott Olsen isn't a 70-something-year-old. I just like the look of pretty much every Ultra set issued after 1991.
Hey, I know him! Didn't he play in an All-Star Game?
Another Gonzalez. What are these guys doing, multiplying? I like manager cards. Get rid of one of the 5 different cards Pujols, Strasburg, and Harper will get each in the base issue and make sure the chiefs get their cardboard.
Minis! Someday I'll do some sort of actual collection with minis.
Almost-minis! Wait, where the heck did this card come from? Must be one of those many Topps throwbacks.
Getting (Leaf) Steel for free is a steal! I can trade this card in for 10 cents in recycling in San Francisco!
I kind of like Fleer's throwbacks. But not enough to collect them.
But Fleer inserts were the shiznit back in the 1990s. I loved all the great (especially for the time) graphic design and silly gimmicks they tried. Wooden cards, acetate, die-cuts, gold parallels of all the sets... I liked them all. Well, almost. Those damn Gold Medallion insert parallels could screw up my set building at times.
Oh yeah, the Skybox line was like Futuristic Fleer. I guess the hip, now, cool basketball-based line of cards were ported over to traditional baseball without much thought.
Yoga. That is all.

I got more cards. Lots more cards. There were non-team cards included as well - those are coming up next!

But if I'm not a Marlins fan, what am I going to do with all these cards? I don't know, but I'll enjoy them one way or another!

Thanks Matthew! Sorry these posts are so late!

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  1. You're welcome, glad they arrived safely! That metal Jeff Conine card is something else.