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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Giant Stack of Giants

Guess who's going to the postseason?

While others have mentioned pretty much every other team's great successes or big failures (without much in between), my hometown team by the Bay has been relatively unwritten about.

I guess that's my fault for moving to Japan. Sorry. Let's make up for that now.

So here is a big bunch of Giants cards, brought to me from CJ over at Capewood Collections!

Since it's a giant group of Giants posted during a giant season, let's go with that silly theme.
 Giant number of injuries.
 Giant problem reading last names when Topps puts foil on a black background.
 Giant mistake putting cursive writing on cards.
 Dodgers fans might consider him a Giant douche.
 Giant 1989 season.
 Giant 2012 season. Giant douche sunglasses.
 Giant hairstyle.
 Giant card design boredom.
Giant panda.
 Giant combover.
 Giant sideburns.
 Giant bad hair day.
 Giant play at the plate.
 Giant finger injury about to happen.
 Giant goatee.
 Giant biceps.
 Giant hop.
Giant find to add to my type collection! This silly little card, most likely overlooked by everyone else, was the whole reason I asked for this lot. The other cards are fine too!

CJ, thanks a ton! I really appreciate the cards and I will eventually return the trade!


  1. I love me some They Might Be Giants! Crossing my fingers for another Bay Bridge series... and another A's World Series Championship.

  2. Pretty much hate everyone you just showed (I'll make an allowance for McCovey, but only because it's '81 Fleer)

  3. Makes for an interesting dilemma for the Bravos de Margarita of the Venezuelan Winter League. Hensley Meulens was to be their manager this season, and Roberto Kelly is usually their hitting coach. I guess if the Giants do well in the post-season, the Bravos will be scrambling to fill some staff positions. I'm sure both gentlemen would prefer their 2nd ring to another season of coaching winter ball...

  4. Fuji: I saw TMBG live a few years ago, and it was a really good show. It would be nice to see the A's and Giants in the Series, but then I like the Tigers enough that a Tigers-Giants matchup would be OK too.

    night owl: I figure as much!

    Jason: I'll take the ring and bonus money over another season. Or part of the season.