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Monday, October 19, 2015

JBCG: 2015 Frontier Yokohama DeNA BayStars Heroes and Rookies

Frontier has seriously cut back its releases this year, though they did issue a Heroes and Rookies set for the always-collectible BayStars. (Seriously, why are they so popular with collectors?) The base cards are pretty simple, but I do like the design. The backs use a black and white verion of the front photo and include some basic statistics. This set isn't about the base cards, though.

In addition to the full 15-card base set, each box contained one or two autographs.
There are two Rookie signature cards (the gold image seen above) and three Dual Rookie signature cards, which use a horizontal format similar to the Teammates Signatures card. These are considered part of the base set but are, of course, short printed. There are 106 regular cards and 30 red ink parallels.

Additionally, special autograph cards are all serial numbered and have red ink parallels; some cards also have inscription parallels.
  • Authentic Signatures (14 cards) 182 regular, 68 red, 53 inscriptions on 6 cards
  • Teammates Signatures (2 cards) 11 regular, 4 red
  • 2014 League Leaders (1 card) 13 cards, 2 red
  • Triple Exposure Signatures (1 card) 6 cards, 2 red
  • Quad Signatures (1 card) only 1 red version despite the preview image
Original information stated there would be 15 Authentic Signatures cards and two Triple Exposure Signatures cards, but perhaps one of the signers didn't return their stickers or they were unusable. In all, I count 874 signatures, which puts the total set print run less than that, but at least 437.

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