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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to Back to the Future II

A very large portion of my collection awaiting me back in America is non-sport cards. How large? I have over 750 different sets, not counting the dozens I've picked up here in Japan. There are still more than 500 sets I'd like to get, but let's be honest - my focus is on baseball and Japanese cards right now, and with shipping prices as they are, I'll have to come across a dealer with cheap sets I need at a card show to be able to afford it.
One of those sets in the "need" column is the set Topps issued in 1989 for Back to the Future II. Like most of America, I was all about this movie. I probably had at least a few cards from this set pulled from packs with, of course, chalky bubble gum. The full set has 88 cards and 11 stickers.
Once relegated to the junk bin, the continued interest in this movie series (including today being the date they travel to in the future) has created a premium on the set. Sets on eBay run about $20. Maybe I'll have some luck getting it cheap at some point in the future...

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