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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hoo Ba Ba Kanda. A Hanshin Tigers Oddball

It's been a long time since I've posted. There are various reasons for that, as always. But more than two weeks later, I'm back!
I need to get my scans together; I'm not sure exactly what I've posted though it seems I'm three months behind still. Wow.

This next item is really cool, though. And it's something I'd love to have the full set for:
 "A square card?!" you say, before even realizing that it's something Japanese. And yes, it is square, but it's not a card. And despite its appearance, it's not a tabloid, newspaper, or flier either.
 Here's the back; you can see it's numbered at the top and each one corresponds to a certain date. Yes, that is a reproduced newspaper page... kind of... on the front. And the yellow text on the back outlines what happened. But what's that toward the lower right. I recognize that logo...
Yes, there's a CD inside. It's a mini-CD which I haven't listened to to really get an idea for what's on it. But I am pretty sure it's a radio broadcast of the event highlighted on the cover.

The copyright date is 2003, and it looks like the event on this CD is from 2003, so it would have been a late-season release or part of a series. A not-too thorough search on Google didn't turn up any results.

I saw a few of these back in June or July, but I only grabbed one. I kind of wish I had picked all of them up, and this weekend I should be back at that shop so I can get what's left (if there are any!).


  1. Not quite sure if I hate or love that video... but I'm pretty sure that CD is awesome!

  2. Fuji: I am on the fence too when it comes to Pogo videos. I think because they lack any real good substance. My favorite "remix" songs have full lines of dialogue (or at least long enough phrases) to make the song stick. Not to mention a good flow. Pogos get monotonous quickly, though he has been getting better. The above video has actual phrases and sentences, unlike his early ones (Harry Potter, Willy Wonka)