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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Newest Cards from Korea! From America!

While all those awesome player collection cards I posted about yesterday were the best in the package from NPB Card Guy, there were some great cards for my type collection too.

If you have been paying attention, you know that I'm interested in cards from all over the world. Jason is working on obtaining some Austrian cards, and my travels to Taiwan and Korea have included card hunting.

Soon after I left Korea, the first major release in years came out, the game cards you see below. NPB Card Guy has written about these (from a two-box break) and an upcoming sequel. I've chosen three cards from each team to share with you:
 Samsung Lions
 Doosan Bears
 LG Twins
 Nexen Heroes
 Lotte Giants
 SK Wyverns
 NC Dinos
 Kia Tigers
Hanwha Eagles.

These cards are pretty cool, if only for the uniqueness. I wouldn't mind having a full set, and hopefully I can find them if/when I get back to Korea soon - there are some short prints and such to chase too. But I'd like to go back to Taiwan, and on to Thailand, first.

But until then, these awesome cards from NPB Card Guy will be fine!

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