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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Release: BBM 80th Anniversary Batters Edition

After the Pitchers Edition, it was only a matter of time before the other side of the equation would get a card set. All that's left now is a Fielders Edition, though I don't think that'll get released. Most of those players would already be in this Batters Edition.
 Like the Pitchers Edition, there are 99 cards in the base set, with 90 regular cards and a nine-card subset. The usual suspects are in the set, but there are some fairly uncommon players tossed in for good measure.

The photography is a bit higher quality that usual, especially for the older cards. Some of the shots are truly beautiful with vibrant color. Images are frequently chosen from unique places - just look at the background in the Kozuru card above.
 The subset (#91-99) highlights statistical leaders, including Balentien's recent single-season home run record. The top 10 players in that category are included on the back, which I really appreciate. It's hard to tell between the kanji and bad scanning, but the columns are player name, number of home runs and year, games played, at bats.
 The subset has a parallel with a cracked refractor design on the front. My scanner really picked that pattern up well! Fukumoto was miles ahead of the second-place record holder - literally, if you figure out how far his bases total versus the next player.
An additional parallel is a gold signature version serial-numbered out of 50. If I'm translating the text on BBM's website properly, the entire set has this parallel.
I count 39 autograph subjects in the issue, with print runs anywhere from 10 to 100.

As far as BBM sets go, it looks like they've been getting one "exactly right" every year lately - 2012's No Hitters, 2013's Foreigners series, and this year's 80th Anniversary series. I'm very happy to have both series of the 80th Anniversary sets in my collection!


  1. That Fukumoto card should carry an epilepsy warning. ;-)

  2. Tony: it's not as crazy in person as the scan, but some of the refractive cards here are quite flashy. I'm surprised that there aren't more seizures here in Japan given the flashy nature of advertising and television. Strobe lights and bright flashy videos are all over the place, especially at pachinko parlors.

    1. Maybe, in all seriousness, it's a hereditary issue here in the US. Or, it's just not as highlighted there.

      I really need to visit Tokyo.

  3. It might be something in the water. :)

    You really should. There's almost nothing to fear about coming to Tokyo - safe, plenty of English signage, tons to do, and it's amazingly easy to get around on transportation.