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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Japanese Repack: Marines Style

On my latest trip to Yokohama, I stopped by the card store to do a bit more "research" and pick up a few cards. They have "team packs" repacks for several NPB teams of varying thickness. Each pack has an insert or parallel shown on the front and back, and they consist of cards exclusively from a single team. I bought two, for two different teams.

The Marines pack below had 31 cards.
The Kishikawa card was a bit of a surprise. I rarely see older cards at card shows and I didn't expect them to be in here.
You can see that there are some foreigners included in the packs, which will hopefully help out with my collection.
 Another surprise is the All Star card from a box set. I really wonder how the store came up with the singles to include in the pack.
 I really like BBM's 2nd Version design from 2013. The past couple years' flagship sets have been simple, elegant, and minimal.
 Future Bee issued some sets around the turn of the millennium. Here are Marines cards from the 2000 set. I needed one of these for my type collection! Bonus score!
 Another surprise: a single from the Rookie Premium set.
 The All Time Heroes card is from 2013 Classic, as is the Kakunaka above.
 There were a few other "oddballs" in the pack, including these two OB cards and the Cross Wind cross-brand insert.
 And even a couple OB cards from Epoch's June release.
 Subset cards are great for my type collection, and that Future Bee card is another insert card! Score!
The inserts on the front and back were the Best 9 of Bolick and the 2003 Stats Leaders card. I bought this pack for the Stats Leaders card, which I needed in my type collection. The Ochiai Special card tends to carry a good premium as well.

For 150 yen, I'd say I got my money's worth just with the Stats Leaders card - inserts in Japan start at 200 yen ($2). The other premium inserts, subset cards, and other player cards I needed in my collections just added to the value! And at 5 yen per card overall, it's only 1/8th the price of normal common singles at stores!


  1. Sweet deal you got there. I don't think I'd actually seen any of those non-Power League cards from Future Bee.

  2. I hadn't either, before this pack. At least, not the 2000 version - 2001 is a little easier to come by.