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Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Release: 2014 Orix Buffaloes Signature Edition

A second Signature Edition series was released by Frontier this year; the Lions set came first, and now the Buffaloes have their own set. It was announced recently that the BayStars will get a set next month too.

There are 20 cards in the Buffaloes base set; all are pictured below.

The same photo is used twice on the front (once is monotone in the background) and once on the back. The background is actually very distracting. The cards all have facsimile autographs. The base set is not the draw in this release, of course - these cards are just filler to be packaged with the two random autographs included.
 All 20 cards have authentic signature parallels.
Authentic Signatures is a second autograph set with 16 subjects.
 There are seven players in the Sign of the Winner autograph set. There's also a single Historic Moment Signature card for Kaneko's 1000th career strikeout.
 Additionally, five prospects have cards in the Top Prospect Signatures set.
I am unaware of any parallel versions, though all autographed cards are serial numbered. The checklist is above, in Japanese, including print runs (enlargeable). Each box includes one complete base set plus two autographs for about $120-130.


  1. Wait. Please tell me these are hard signed. I'd hate to hear that sticker autographs have made their way to Japanese baseball card companies.

  2. Sticker autographs are about all there is. Almost no cards are hard-signed here. The stickers BBM and other companies use are almost perfectly clear and blend well with the design, but they are there.

  3. What's that say in parentheses next to the second version of the first three players that is numbered to 1? Different color ink parallel or something?

  4. Jason: yes. The regular autographs use blue ink, the 1/1 parallels are black ink. I didn't notice that, but I didn't really read the text on the image! I guess those are the only three parallels in the set.