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Friday, October 19, 2012

Baseball in Japan: Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Souvenirs)

Read my post about my Hiroshima Toyo Carp/Mazda Stadium experience over at Chaos and Kanji!

On a related note, I picked up some souvenirs from the ballpark.

With space at a premium in my suitcase, I stuck to tiny knickknacks that I thought were fairly unique. Japanese seem to love objects they can attach to their phone, bag, and keychain. Here is a small piece of wood with artwork featuring the mascot, Slyly.
 This came out of one of those capsule toy machines, and was one of several versions that also included player numbers.

Not happy with just that, I went for the mini batting helmet dangle.
 This little plastic item is hollow on the inside (though the air holes on top are just painted indentations in the surface. The side near the camera has a facsimile autograph, and the other side has an ear flap! The back contains the player's jersey number (in this case #38, Masato Akamatsu, who hit .242 as a part-time outfielder this season). I think it would be neat to put together a team set of these, or possibly a set of these with one from each team.
Last, a set of five plastic (PVC) disks (similar in size to small drink coasters, but non-functional) that feature the five different logos the Carp have used since 1975. The batting character is basically the same, but the lettering style changes on each disk until you get to the red script with blue outline in use since 2009.

While it isn't much, I enjoy my souvenirs of the Carp. The carp is basically Hiroshima's city symbol, and I'm surprised I didn't find anything I like with an actual carp on it!

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