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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Idols of the Week

I've been quite busy lately, so there haven't been too many posts. I've managed to get some projects done, and waste a good bit of time doing nothing too. My Monday excursions have been quite lengthy lately, as I've spent more time exploring some of the shops of Akihabara. I recently returned to the Akiba Cultures building to check out the new shops; K-Books had moved out a few months ago and a couple other stores took its place. One shop that's been in there for a while has a ton of J-Pop and K-Pop goods, especially paper goods like posters and books. There's a small trading card corner, which had several very cheap relic and autograph cards.
Now 26, Mai Endo is best known for her role in the pop group Idoling!!!, which I've discussed before. She was the lead member of the group after the two senior members left in 2009. Mai "graduated" to a solo career in 2013, though I'm not sure how successful she has become.
 In 2011, though, she was fairly important in the J-Pop idol hierarchy, important enough to receive her own card set. I picked up this autographed card, and I have a small desire to pick up the other premium cards from the release.
Ai Okawa is a fellow former member of Idoling!!!; the now-22-year-old joined the group in 2009. She must have been pretty popular in a hurry, because she got a card set, seen below, in 2010.
The card set featured the usual costume cards, and I picked up this one with a piece of a fancy party dress.

The 2015 Idoling!!! card set came out last week, so I'll have that for you in the near future. If I can keep myself in line and post every day!

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