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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A New Marquee Addition to My Collection

I don't have many autographed balls in my collection. I enjoy having non-card collectibles, but signed balls are usually too costly. But I do have a few here and there.
Just a few days ago, I grabbed this Jose Canseco ball from my local shop. It's inscribed 40/40, 88 MVP, and of course 86 ROY on the sweet spot beneath his signature. The ball came from one of the TriStar Hidden Treasures signed ball boxes, and comes with the expected "paperwork" and holograms.

Why Canseco? Jose was the first player I was a fan of, way back in 1989 when I first got into baseball and cards. As such, he has a special place in my collecting heart. I already have an autographed card of his, but a ball is just that much more special.

And while Canseco is hardly a number-one star, and I doubt he'll ever have a plaque in the Hall of Fame, this ball will find a nice home on a shelf... whenever I move back to America and have a shelf to put it on.

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