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Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Cards I Know Nothing About

Sooner or later, I'll gather up all my scans of cards that I haven't fully identified, and make a page just for them. Until then, here are some more cards that I found recently with no clue about.

These five cards were packaged together at a shop in Nakano, and I have no real idea about them. They are blank-backed and have fairly low-quality printing. I guess it's not terrible printing for something from the 70s or 80s, but the printing dots are quite visible on the blue background of the Carp card, for example.

Each card measures about 1-15/16" across by about 2-13/16" high, though they could have been cut by hand or on a paper cutter. They're off-center and not exactly all the same size but pretty close. These would probably be classified as bromides.

Due to their blank backs and lack of any other printing, I can't identify them. Again, as always (and thank you for your help), any information is appreciated! Click on a card for a larger image.


  1. I've got a bunch of these as well. I think they're from a "set" that Engel identifies as "JMC 2003: 1976 Blank Backs", He describes them as "Pure cards with white borders. Blank backs. Several picture in picture cards. A few cards have text in the background that is cut-off in the middle of phrases. Most likely, these cards used pictures cropped from magazine photos and other sources without license."

    He only lists 23 cards but indicates that there are probably more. Looking at the five you have, I think only one of them is on his list - the Hanshin Tiger player is probably Koichi Tabuchi. The Giants pitcher wearing #18 is Tsuneo Horiuchi but he's not on Engel's list.

  2. I'm glad to see they're cataloged, even if they're unlicensed. That the images are possibly taken right from magazines might explain the poor quality.