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Monday, July 23, 2012

This time it's personal: Another short look at my autograph collection

One of my recent posts gave a little hint at my autograph collection, and eventually I'll showcase all of them. Eventually.

Until then, let me give you another taste of Sharpie-soaked photographic paper by answering Fuji's latest question:

Describe your best or worst IP autograph experience.  Who was it?  What made it special/memorable?

Who would you want to meet in person?  What would you have them sign?

Actually, that's three complicated questions. I decided to answer them all, because, well, this is my blog and I can do what I want!

So first, my best IP autograph experience...

First, let me warn you: I don't do much in-person baseball signings. I've had the opportunity for signatures a few times, but I don't see a point in paying $50-200 for an in-person autograph from someone whose certified on-card autographs go for much less. So my focus is on my non-sport collection.
 Felicia Day might take the cake. She is extremely friendly, and the cliched "down-to-earth" label really does apply to her. She's still nerdy (in a good way) and really appreciates her fans. When I met her, I had the opportunity to talk with her for a little while. Plus, she's really adorable. You just want to go up and hug her. I blame her for my interest in gingers and redheads in general. I was able to listen to her speak at a Q&A kind of event and it was pretty fun. I guess her appeal is that she really is the girl next door.
Which brings me to my worst experience. I should mention that it really wasn't that bad meeting Hayden Panettiere. She's just as adorable (looking and behaving) in person as she is in the movies and on TV, but mostly due to her popularity she was basically mobbed and I felt like I didn't have a chance to talk with her. As a bonus, though, she's big on charity work and all her autograph fees at this event were going to her favorite charity. Oddly enough, one of my prior student's father was working security for her, so we talked for a little bit as I moved through the line. But with Hayden it was just "Hello!", the signature, and then I was done. Not that I would have had much to say to her. "Hi, I like Heroes." Yeah, but still.

Who would I want to meet in person? What would I have them sign?
 My number one choice is Tom Hanks. I love most of his movies - mainly the comedies. Big? Turner & Hooch? The Toy Story series? That Thing You Do? Forrest Gump? The 'Burbs? The Money Pit? I've seen them all. Oddly, I've never watched his TV show (Bosom Buddies).

While a Tom Hanks autograph on anything would be fine with me, I'd love to have this large Rockford Peaches promotional card signed from A League Of Their Own. But with that, I'd also have to add:
 I don't like Madonna in a lot of things, but ALOTO is one where I do enjoy her. And there's one more card in my set to have signed:
Not my favorite Peach, but the most famous. Geena Davis is a great actress in her own right, and I like a lot of her movies.

I have an in-person autograph of Kit Keller (that would be Lori Petty). She's pretty awesome too, but that's a whole other story for another time. And now that I think about it, wouldn't it be cool to have autographs from the entire Peaches roster from the movie?


  1. I'm glad to hear that Felicia Day is really as friendly as she seems. One of my guilty pleasures is watching episodes of "The Guild".

  2. I've never heard of Felicia Day, but I've definitely know Hayden. One of my favorite movies is Remember The Titans. It's crazy to see her all grown up.

    Great idea on getting graphs from the entire A League of Their Own roster... that would be amazing.

  3. Ryan: I've never watched The Guild, though it was the hot new thing (as much as it could be) when I met her.

    Fuji: They filmed some of the football action scenes at my high school for Remember the Titans. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there.

  4. After browsing YouTube one day last week, I ran across the Geeks & Sundry channel and watched and episode of Wil Wheaton's TableTop. Browsing around I ran across other videos done by Felicia Day and have since started watching The Guild (on NetFlix, they have all the episodes wrapped up into short movies...sort of how PBS used to have the old Doctor Who). Caught a bunch of interview and panel videos of her at Comic-Con. Seeing how nerdy some of these folks are in real life, and not just in the roles they play, somehow makes me feel less self conscious about my own hobbies.

  5. Jason: Going to DragonCon in Atlanta was an eye-opener every year into the world of geekdom and nerdness. I think that, plus being able to talk with others about cards via the blogs, has helped me be more comfortable with my interests. (And spend a full Sunday observing people in Akihabara. That's simply amazing.)