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Monday, July 9, 2012

Calbee Chips: A Quick Article

Calbee's been around for a long time, and a recent article in AJW (a Japanese newspaper with stories in English) gives a brief history of the company's involvement in trading cards.

I saw this article when it first posted a week or two ago but I'm just now getting around to posting it. Lazy me. Enjoy!


  1. Great article. If only Cracker Jack could have stuck with it all these years!

  2. That makes for an interesting what if... What if Cracker Jack produced a set every year from, say, the 1910s when it made its first baseball card set?

    Would it be more like BBM/Topps/Upper Deck or Calbee today? Given the love for Topps just because it's been around the longest (and the only one right now), would people religiously collect Cracker Jack cardboard the same way because it would be nearly 100 years old? Would Cracker Jack be the definitive, must-have issue? Would there be cards without Cracker Jack, just like Topps? Would Cracker Jack, the candy, cease to exist like Topps' gum (yes, I realize Cracker Jack is 10000x better than Topps gum, but I have to ask)? The delicious candy abandoned so more cards would fit in a pack?

    Wow, I really thought a lot about that. Maybe too much...