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Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Not Just Baseball! Totally awesome crap you can find in my collection.

More Fuji goodness with this question:
Outside of the sports memorabilia genre, is there anything else you collect?
 There sure is! I'm a collector by nature, so anything that interests me could become a collection. I have a small collection of beer coasters. I only get coasters for beers I've tried or restaurants/bars I've been to. It's part of a larger collection...
 My travel souvenir collection. Everywhere I go, I try to buy a small item for a tangible reminder of my visit. I have a nice original art piece from Chicago that's about the size of a catcher's mitt, which may be my favorite item in that collection. It's usually not about having some large living room conversation piece; instead I can look at the assortment of items on the shelf (when I had a shelf to display them) and remember all about my trip.
 Maybe you don't know this about me: I've been on nearly 400 roller coasters at the time of this writing:
I should break the 400-coaster barrier in Taiwan in a couple weeks. Like the travel collection, I try to focus on smaller souvenir items when I can. I have a lot of shot glasses from parks in the US, though parks from outside America don't tend to carry shot glasses. I find some more unique items in that case. I have nice cell phone charms from Fuji-Q here in Japan, for example. My favorite item in this collection might be my piece of wood from a roller coaster in Georgia (don't worry, it was sold as a souvenir when they replaced some track). I'd love to have a used coaster wheel or something similar eventually.
My favorite non-baseball collection is my pop culture memorabilia collection. I have a lot of autographs - Anna Faris above, the Donnas below. My favorite in-person autograph is of Ben Folds from a concert I attended a few years ago.
I also have some great concert memorabilia (drumsticks, bottles, guitar picks, set lists, even DEVO's wardrobe from a festival concert in 2005). But my ultimate favorite is this item:
I have a small movie wardrobe collection, and this is probably the best item in it right now. Alexis Bledel's full wardrobe from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. So it's not a hit movie, and most of you don't know Alexis Bledel. That's okay. I love it!

I have wardrobe from a small collection of movies and TV shows, plus a prop steering wheel from Minority Report with Tom Cruise (highly probably used by him in the movie). (On the wall are some of my favorite autographs - Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson, Elisha Cuthbert, Christina Ricci, and a Spiderman on-card autograph from Kirsten Dunst.) Yes, I have more actress autographs than actors. But I do have Gene Wilder, Leslie Nielsen, and David Carradine. Now if only I could get Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, and Robin Williams...

I also have my non-sport card collection, which is mainly complete movie and TV show sets plus a nice collection of autographs and memorabilia cards. Actually, the non-sport collection might have more cards in it than my baseball collection, because of all the non-sport base sets! I've been collecting sets and individual cards since high school.

I have items in my other collections going back to my childhood, though each collection started at different times. My travel collection spans my entire life as I've uncovered toys from some of my first trips. The movie collection started sometime around high school, and the music collection is the youngest, having started about seven years ago. I have scans and photos of some of my favorite items, and someday I'll put forth a full post about many of the items, but until then, enjoy this small glimpse into my non-baseball life!


  1. Just say "Rory Gilmore"....then everyone will know who she is. :-)

  2. Ah yes. How could I forget the tv show that started it all! For her, at least.

  3. Cool collections... thanks for sharing!