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Thursday, March 14, 2019


Long time no see - nearly a month. Once again I've found myself to be quite busy. I'm living on the road during the week, and while I have a comfortable apartment, it makes handling my cards, scans, and posts challenging.

I actually haven't been that busy at work, but I can't just bring my laptop into the office and whip up a post or two. And it's not that easy to transport a laptop back and forth every weekend just to write a few posts... if I have time.

In a couple of my discussion classes this week, we talked about ghosting. And it seems that I have a horrible habit of ghosting - on this blog and via emails and other communication. It's not that I want to break off our relationship, it's just that I have too many things going on sometimes!

So today I'm forcing out a post... not because I have to, but because I want to. I just wish I had a few more extra hours in the day...

Today's card is appropriate, as I waited for quite some time for this one.
This black autograph of Molly McGrath from 2018 Allen & Ginter took forever to get here. I'm not sure what Molly was doing, and I'm sure as a sportscaster she's busy traveling to sporting events.

I got a good deal on the redemption card, and I just had to wait for Topps to finally get the cards back and forward this one on to me. The one good thing about redemption cards is that Topps will ship them to Japan for free!

I've never seen McGrath on TV... or anywhere other than A&G, since she doesn't do baseball. But maybe some day she'll do some meaningful broadcasting? She's from San Francisco, though - my home town!

Until next time...

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  1. Welcome back! Glad you were able to get the card...a lot of difficulties with the companies lately and that is awesome they ship to Japan for free!