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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Taiwan CPBL Baseball Cards Part Six: Major Hits!

It's time to finish up this CPBL post run with a bang! I really like the look of these cards, and if I had the opportunity (and the cash) I'd probably go after more of them! Let's take a look.
 This is as close to a base card as I found. The design looks like an envelope, and it's kind of cool. The cards at the beginning of the set carries this design so it is probably the base design.
 The backs contain career stats similar to prior years, and carry over the postal stamp design and coloring from the front. The 2011 hologram is in the shape of a home plate.
 This is a subset honoring Golden Glove winners. The card features a gold stamp in the upper left corner and are themed to a movie awards show.
 Again the theme carries over to the back, and contain fielding statistics at the bottom.
 Further on in the set is this subset card, and I'm sure the Chinese characters to the right of "2011" would indicate the specialty of this subset. Otherwise, it looks more like a base card than the regular base card!
 The backs carry a write-up instead of stats.
 Last, a rookie subset card. The 21/home plate logo in the upper-left is in silver foil, as is the CPBL rookie logo in the lower-left.
 The backs have a short write-up plus rookie year and career statistics. As expected for a rookie, they're the same, though I suppose some rookies could have played a few games the year before.
 This card is from a set titled Asian Games Heroes and uses foilboard with a CT logo background (like the CT logo seen in the lower left). The CPBL logo is in the top-left.
 Backs carry the same design as the front, with some highlights at the bottom. The picture on the front and back are the same. Cards are serial numbered out of 250. Using SCF I can see that there are patch and autograph versions of this set, though the numbering might not match up.
 Next, another foil background card. This is titled Rookie Classics, and the background behind theplayer is just a foiled background. The cards are serial-numbered on the front to 100.
 The backs again reuse the front photo with black-and-white photo background, plus rookie-year statistics. The theme of set is some of the best rookies, so Cheng-Min Peng here gets a card that features his 2001 statistics.
 This set is titled Milestones, and I'm not sure if it features only 1000 RBI players or if other milestones are highlighted in the set. The front is themed to money and has a matte finish meant to resemble money.
 The backs have a normal glossy finish and a tmeline showing the player's 1st, 500th, and 1000th RBI (which happened in the prior year). The write-up gives a bit of overview on the player's progress to reach 1000 RBI, and cards are serial-numbered to 49 on the right-hand side.
 This is a foilboard card with a team logo in the background and is titled 2011 Rising Stars. The cards are autographed on the front.
 The backs again use the same picture as the front (really? I'd like to be a photographer for the CPBL to help them out with this problem) including the logo background. Beneath the write-up is serial-numbering to 200.

Not just one autographed card made it into my collection! Here's another...
 I like this one better due to the lack of foil. The on-card signature goes nicely over/next to the baseball seam design and the card has a somewhat timeless/classic feel due to the coloring. This set is just titled Signatures (or possibly Signature Autographs, since the card number is prefixed "SA").
The backs again carry the same photo as the front, plus a write-up. The numbering is out of 100.

I think it's super-cool to have these two autographed cards in my collection! I didn't expect to get anything like this, though a super-awesome patch card would have been great as well as or instead of two autographs.

That concludes my finds for CPBL issues. I'm missing a few base cards (1990, 1991, 2009, 2010, and 2012 are the big ones I know about) plus several insert and "hit" cards (2009-2012 mainly) and any team issues. If I had the money and the connections I would be all about Yahoo Taiwan's auctions as there are a bunch of cards available there!

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