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Monday, March 16, 2015

A Single Pack of Wafers

Huh? Wafers? In Japan, you can still find lots of non-sport cards and stickers packaged with food. A few sports licenses also exist (Calbee does baseball and soccer most notably). I haven't posted in quite a while so I thought I'd share a snack I bought after lunch today. 
Miku Hatsune is a vocaloid, or digital singer. You can find her stuff everywhere. I've never really heard anything she (it?) has done but I see the character everywhere and I have ended up with a couple goodies. 
The product is made by Lotte, a well known candy (mostly chocolate) company from Korea, which also owns a couple baseball teams (Chiba Lotte Marines here and a team in South Korea) and a chain of fast food burger restaurants (Lotteria). The wafer is decent, but the sticker beneath is what I'm after for this post. 
The fronts are holographic. There's only one sticker per pal with 14 in the set. I got Meiko Sakine. I have no idea who that is. 
The backs describe the character. This is sticker number 8, and there is some kind of game through the QR code. 

I certainly won't bother with a whole set, but it's another cool oddball to add to my collection!


  1. "Sakine Meiko.
    Forever 16 (years old)! The (recently?) discovered MEIKO-san's idol period (is now?), her cute smile makes our knees weak.
    *Something Important: 「Meikosan jyurokusai (Meiko-san is 16 years old)」"

    Man. Translating slang/modern vernacular from one language to another is tough/impossible.

    1. Why is it so important that she's 16 years old? That's kind of strange. Thanks for the translation!

  2. Lotte used to sell similar stickers with caricatures of baseball players around 2007 and 2008. They also came with chocolate wafers. Deanna Rubin of Marinerds collected them.

    1. Lotte sells a bunch of stickers like this over the course of the year for different franchises. There are some highly popular ones that seem to be really valuable too. I almost went nuts on a bunch of the '07 and '08 stickers around New Years, when Kenny and I visited the Nagoya card shops. It would be fun to build the baseball sets.

    2. I'm still hunting the 2008 Tuffy Rhodes sticker if anyone happens across one. Can't bring myself to drop the $12-ish it would cost to pick it up from Yahoo Auctions.

      I'm still puzzled why Lotte doesn't to more sports-related cards since they own two baseball teams.

  3. I have a couple of Miku Hatsune albums from back when I still went to anime conventions. The digital idol has an interesting sound, but I can't really explain her enduring popularity.