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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stain of Time: Trade with Johnny's Trading Spot

Okay, I'm now starting to dig into the scan pile that holds all the trade scans I made when I was in San Francisco. So this is up to three years of trades! Let's see what's there, shall we?

This trade is only about a year old, with John of Johnny's Trading Spot. I sent him a bunch of the now-defunct CardGen singles, and in return he sent me what you see below:
 Dude, vintage!
 No, really, vintage!
 Is that Babe Ruth? Wait, no, Bob Rush. But close enough! Vintage!
 1957 Topps singles are sweet. These seven cards bring me to a total of 11. Just 397 to go for a full set!
John also included a couple Gwynns for my player collection! I love that old Padres logo on the '85 card. A much belated thank you, John, for the great vintage and Tonys! (Tonies?)